Shrimp pasta recipes are loved. Traditionally they are associated with linguine and spaghetti as first choice.

Shrimp in not too long of a past were a luxury, a treat for special occasions. Now, still not real cheap, because of shrimp farms, they are more affordable and of ordinary consumption.

Besides their flavor and versatility, shrimp are very low in calories and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12 and other nutrients. They cook fast in practically every way. In pasta recipes they are best suited in simple sauces with herbs, spices and even vegetables.

Shrimp are often called also prawns and scampi, similar crustaceans with similar flavor.

In the States prawns go for the name of jumbo shrimp and scampi is a term for a cooking method: with butter or oil (or both) garlic and white wine. The recipe is called “shrimp scampi”. In U.K. scampi is also a way of cooking. Shrimp are breaded, deep fried and served often  with potato chips and tartar sauce.

Shrimp are highly perishable. They should be consumed within 24 hours. Unless you live on the coast, most shrimp are farm raised to satisfy the high demand and they are generally frozen. if not fresh, use shrimp frozen in their shell , as flavor is best in shrimp pasta recipes.

Shrimp cook fast, about 3 minutes. When cooked they change to a pink color and they curl up a bit. If they close in a circle, they are overcooked, dried out with loss of flavor.

Shrimp pasta recipes because of their simple preparation, are an easy recourse for pleasing anyone.

Shrimp in a creamy sauce are very popular. Linguine with shrimp prosciutto and cream is a rich and delicate pasta dish.

Another recipe you’ll love because is easy and quick but with character is shrimp linguine with brandy.

Linguine with shrimp corrette  is a similar one, of a pale red because of the addition of tomato.

Popular combination with shrimp dishes is broccoli. Whilst there are many variations, a simple easy recipe of pasta with shrimp and broccoli is well balanced and appetizing.

Shrimp pasta with mushrooms a recipe with a perfect match between products of the sea and earth.

You can also find them cooked, ready to eat. For best flavor, if not fresh, use them frozen in shrimp pasta recipes.

Shrimp pasta recipes are a delicate blend of flavors that really get along very well as shrimp and pasta are neutral in taste. The preparation and cooking of shrimp is very simple. It doesn’t require elaborate lengthy cooking. Herbs and spices are chosen as a complement, not meant to overpower.

You may be aware of shrimp recipes with cheese. Italians never mix cheese with seafood. It’s not for a kosher practice. It’s simply because cheese is a strong ingredient overwhelming the light delicate flavor of fish.

For the same reason white wines, light in body and flavor are preferred to red wines, which are heavy and robust, even in alcoholic content.



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