Quick pasta recipes are a way of life in every home in Italy. Believe me, quick, and easy I can add, reconcile with good and tasty too.

The speed and ease of preparation is because of the simplicity of the dishes.

Italians love food, but they don’t want to always spend too much time in the kitchen, especially for lunch. More elaborate time taking dishes are generally reserved for festive occasions. A good plate of pasta is not necessarily a complex and difficult operation.

Italian typical breakfast is just coffee and a sweet – cappuccino e cornetto. It’s probably due to the fact that dinner, around 8 in the evening, can be rich. So, in the morning there is not a craving for food. Then, at lunch time, something of substance is needed and what better than pasta?

In Italy, many still have a lunch break of at least two hours. If they can, they go home to eat. They generally favor quick pasta recipes, so they have time to relax and maybe even have a little siesta. Of course not everybody can have such a long break, like people in construction. They have to survive with a panino and possibly a glass of wine.

The long lunch break could still be not long enough though considering the commute to and from work. So time for eating had to be minimal. Restaurants too recognized the necessity to provide quick inexpensive pasta meals to people who didn’t go home for one reason or another and to travelers, also in a hurry.

Dinner time is not necessarily pasta again. It may be a soup. Pasta e fagioli and minestrone are an example. Rice is also common, especially in the north in dozens of recipes, in soups or dry in risotto.

Or quick pasta recipes are the norm with dinner. Pasta is in reasonable portions as something always follows.

So if you heard or think elaborate time taking pasta dishes are a way of life in Italy, think again. Women nowadays work too and they don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. If so dinner would be pushed close to midnight.

Lasagne, ragù Napoletano, pasta ‘ncasciata, agnolotti and the likes are for the relaxing times of week-ends and holidays or can be a treat for special circumstances. Then pasta is a complement to happy times.

Quick pasta recipes examples

An example is spaghetti ajo e ojo. Hardly anything is quicker than that. Except for the one referred sarcastically with the affectionate name of pasta dei cornuti.

In this case cornuto in Italian is referred to a man whose wife is unfaithful. So, short of time, busy with the affair, this super quick pasta is ideal.

For a dish with spring flavor, try spaghetti with saffron and without tomatoes tagliatelle with prosciutto and asparagus.

Other time saving good recipes are fettuccine alla salvia. A dish made on a pope’s request is fettuccine alla papalina.

If you like something spicy hot, very simple to prepare try spaghetti alla Calabrese, recipe from Calabria, the region forming the toe of the boot of Italy.

Who knows, even you, with some ingenuity can come up with some interesting quick pasta recipes combining simple everyday ingredients.

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