Total Time: 20 minutes

Pasta butter and cheese is the easiest quickest pasta you can prepare. In Italy is also referred as  pasta dei cornuti. The word cornuto translated literally means “horned”. It’s the involuntary name taken by a man whose wife is unfaithful. And you can understand how it’s a very offensive word, the worst insult that can provoke a violent reaction.

From a safe distance, especially on the road, there is a popular way to direct the insult against aggressive drivers. When the words alone can’t be heard, the hand gesture reminiscing of the horns, by folding the hand except for two apart fingers, the second and last, is a clear way to deliver the message.

Why this dish is known sarcastically and with the innuendo of pasta dei cornuti, the reason is self-evident. Busy with the affair, the wife neglects the cooking. Short on time, pasta butter and cheese is the quickest way out to save herself.

There is no need for ingredients and directions in the preparation. Use any pasta you like and when cooked and drained add some butter and cheese. Parmigiano is better in this dish as it is more delicate. A variation or two you can do is to add some fresh ground black pepper using a peppermill. You could add a little dusting of nutmeg. Further you could complement with a little cream.

For the healthier side you could substitute butter with extra virgin olive oil and if you like a little zest, add some hot pepper flakes. Then I think some fresh chopped parsley or basil would also be good.

Experiment and see what you like best.

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