Italian regions pasta recipes should use the best pasta. In Italy there are three types of pasta: fresh homemade pasta, industrial production pasta and pasta specialties made in small batches by small factories. In Italy dried pasta is made by law only from durum (hard in Latin) wheat. I am not confident about other countries.

I tried Ronzoni with the slogan “Ronzoni sono buoni”; San Giorgio pasta with the slogan “People should stick together, not spaghetti”. I was disappointed.

The moment of truth is in the cooking. If pasta breaks and tears, especially noticeable in tubular pasta, like penne and rigatoni, the problem may be in the drying process or not made from totally durum wheat.

A variety in Italian regions pasta recipes



In Naples, spaghetti ca pummarola, a simple tomato sauce, is all they need. A quick pasta recipe like a spaghetti marinara is just fine. The strength is in the quality of dried pasta. Of course, the sauce has to be made with San Marzano tomato, a juicy, sweet with thick flesh and few seeds tomato variety. When Neapolitans refer to pasta it’s generally spaghetti and they are red with tomato sauce.

The Italian regions of the north are not as much dependent on pasta like the rest of Italy. Especially Piemonte, Lombardia and Veneto produce big quantities of rice and corn, which ground makes polenta, so people have a more diversified diet.

The regions north of the Appennines, starting with Emilia Romagna, are fresh pasta territory. Because of the damp climate soft wheat is grown. So homemade pasta made from flour is popular. It has fewer proteins, but when mixed with eggs becomes nourishing… and more expensive. Homemade fresh pasta cannot be kept too long. So it’s generally made and cooked the same day.

You can find egg pasta from industrial manufactures like Barilla and De Cecco made from durum wheat semolina or a mix with flour. They have a longer shelf life, only don’t expect the same quality as homemade.

Fresh Homemade pasta is especially popular in ribbons shapes. Most used pasta shapes are fettuccine. “Fettuccia”, singular, means ribbon in Italian, “fettuccine”, plural, is diminutive, in English “little ribbons”. These pasta shapes are generally associated with a rich thick sauce like in fettuccine alla papalina, fettuccine alla panna and fettuccine alla ciociara.

The widest ribbon pasta is “lasagna”, one piece, plural is “lasagne”. But the dish is more often called lasagna in the singular. The classic dish is lasagna bolognese.

Fresh pasta can be stuffed. Cannelloni, tortellini and ravioli are the most popular stuffed pasta.

Italian regions pasta recipes are more numerous in the dried pasta type. Many pasta dishes are named after the region or town, like bucatini all’Amatriciana, gnocchi alla romana, different from gnocchi alla piemontese. Or according to the ingredients like spaghetti with meat sauce, rigatoni alla ricotta, or penne pollo e peperoni and pasta tonno e piselli.

In the north part of Lazio, Rome’s region, and nearby Tuscany and Umbria localities, around Christmas, with the abundance of nuts, it’s tradition to make pasta alle noci (walnuts) and even a sweet version of it mostly known as maccheroni con le noci.

Pasta can be enjoyed as a cold dish too in many popular pasta salad recipes.

Italian Regions Pasta Recipes

Many Italian pasta recipes are not popular all over Italy. Almost every region and even city in Italy have their own typical traditional pasta recipes. Some have become popular all over Italy and beyond like lasagne alla bolognese and bucatini all’Amatriciana and many are yet to be discovered even by Italians.

I have a special corner for Roman pasta recipes.

I mention traditional Italian regions pasta recipes  with ease of preparation.

Regioni D'Italia


Tagliatelle with agliata a rustic recipe from rural traditional Piemonte.

Gnocchi alla Piemontese are also simply called “gnocchi di patate”. They are mashed potatoes…



Pizzoccheri della Valtellina a hearty recipe for those cold winter days.



Fettuccine mare e monti a delicious combination of sea and earth products and a pleasurable adventure.



Pastasciutta alla fornaia from Toscana (Tuscany) is dressed with a Tuscan pesto made with…



Spaghetti col Rancetto  a typical pasta dish of Umbria the central region of Italy, similar…



Spaghetti alla abruzzese rustic satisfying dish of pastoral mountainous Abruzzo.

Penne prosciutto e ricotta a simple recipe from pastoral Abruzzo with the ingredients at hand…

Cannarozzetti allo zafferano  s a typical recipe from Abruzzo with basic ingredients of the…

Spaghetti alla chitarra are a pasta shape typical of Abruzzo. The shaping of the pasta is done by…



Maccheroni alla Molisana  from Molise region, is a super quick tasty pasta dish.



Spaghetti ca pummarola dish can be the Naples culinary description. Competitor would…

Spaghetti alla Pizzaiola   from Campania is a quick pasta recipe typical of Naples.

Spaghetti with anchovy simple easy and quick sea taste recipe with minimum ingredients.

Bucatini with tomato and ricotta very simple combination for an enjoyable dish of pasta.



Orecchiette con cime di rapa is the most famous recipes of Puglia and a very simple one

Orecchiette alla Pugliese a recipe from simple summer ingredients easy to prepare and tasty.

Spaghetti San Giovanni is a dish  from the south of Italy, named after the saint on the 24th of… 



Fusilli Con La Mollica from Basilicata region is a simple pasta recipe born from ingenuity…

Cavatelli con rucola e pecorino popular recipe of Basilicata  using its typical pasta and…

Cavatelli alla contadina a simple totally vegetarian quick pasta recipe healthy and tasty from…



Spaghetti alla calabrese, are spicy with hot pepper. The recipe is from Calabria.

Pasta with broccoli  dish simple and quick to prepare a different color to the usual pasta recipes.



Pasta alla Norma Is a vegetarian dish. Ingredients typical mix reminder of sunny Sicily.

Spaghetti alla carrettiera dish named after the Sicilian cart drivers. Sicilian carts are famous…

Pasta ‘ncasciata alla Siciliana   a rich mix of simple ingredients resulting in an enjoyable and…

Spaghetti alla Siciliana a recipe with the taste reminder of the rich bounty of the Sicilian…



Malloreddus del Campidano are similar to cavatelli in shape with ridges  obtained by pressing dough…


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