Creamy pasta recipes evoke a vision of noodles gliding through a luscious rich blend of thick smooth velvety sauce, mostly cream white.

Even without the obvious ingredient, some pasta recipes have the attribute of cream-y for the texture and properties of the dish.

Classic examples are fettuccine Alfredo and spaghetti carbonara. Neither of them have cream.

A touch of cream to the recipe won’t alter the flavor of the sauce. It will give a silky smoothness with an intriguing flavor. If you are a cream lover, you can almost always find room for it in many recipes.

Creamy pasta recipes in Italy are more popular and accepted from Rome to the north. In the south of Italy, a cream sauce for pasta is unheard. In Naples a true pasta sauce has to be and ends with tomatoes.

Cream is mostly added et the end of cooking as the final touch to:

  • Refine a dish.
  • Indulge in a richer flavor
  • Make a sauce thicker
  • Give a luscious appearance
  • Balance acidity
  • Complement to butter and cheeses

Why pasta sauces with cream are more popular in the north of Italy? The territory plays a role in that. The north is the land with the vast plain and fresh pasture which is ideal for cows . Here is home to Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano and other variety of cheeses. With dairy products abundant butter is more popular than olive oil in cooking and cream is also widely used to enrich sauces.


Pasta recipes with cream



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