Why another site on pasta

I know there is so much already on pasta. I was pushed to write in light of my experiences abroad, especially in America.

I am Italian, which may tell you I am familiar with pasta. Working in hotels and restaurants in Italy and other parts of the world, made me take a closer look at the stuff.

As an Italian, I can’t stand by and accept seeing Italy’s pasta so many times and places misrepresented. It’s not always amusing to see wrong ideas, for whatever reason, being presented as Italian facts.

I like to add my side to stories, have my take on them. I feel the need to expose and clear some misconceptions. Of course t’s also fun to revisit favorite recipes and enjoying sharing them.

Living in America, I learned of unreal practices and wrong ideas on pasta. I even ran into classic recipes made unrecognizable by variations, interpretations, or simply plain ignorance, but still pushed and advertised as Italian for the popularity of the label.

Sometimes recipes are modified, embellished with good results. But then, it’s something else. The recipe should go for another name.

So, why change dishes that have always been favorites throughout time?

There can be more than one explanation. I expand on this.

I often wondered about the reaction of people when surprised and puzzled by the fact that a dish, supposedly Italian, is unexpectedly different or even not existent in Italy. But in years I worked in hotels in Rome, I never heard any comments. Come to think of it, they certainly couldn’t object to Italian made in Italy.

It’s not my intention to condemn, ridicule or dismiss any opinions, habits and taste, you may enjoy, dear visitor. Just check whether it’s the Italian you know.

I simply like to present you the Italian pasta recipes as made in Italy.

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